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Pod Overview

The CTSA Steering Committee Pods are collaborative groups working together to advance translational science. Learn more by clicking the buttons below. 

About Pods

About Pods

The CTSA Program Pods aim to promote communication between NCATS, the CTSA Program Steering Committee, and the CTSA Program hubs. Each Pod represents a subgroup of CTSA hub PIs, and is led by a current member of the CTSA Steering Committee who is designated the Pod Lead. Pods meet regularly to review updates from the Steering Committee, discuss issues raised by the local hubs, and provide an opportunity for the CTSA community to raise other topics to CTSA Program leadership through Pod Submissions. For more information on the current Pod structure and Pod activities, refer to the Pod Quick Reference Guide.

Pod Submissions

Pod Submissions

The Pod Submission Form serves as one of the primary means for Pods to communicate with CTSA Program leadership. After each Pod meeting, the Pod Lead is responsible for submitting meeting notes and any feedback or questions raised by Pod members through this form. These submissions are then posted on the CCOS website and reviewed by the Steering Committee on a monthly basis. In some cases, the submissions may be attached to other relevant communications such as meeting notes or webinars. If you need detailed instructions on how to submit Pod feedback, you can refer to the Pod Submissions SOP.

Pod Assignments

Please refer below to the button below to view each Pod and their assignments.  

University of Texas Medical Branch Galveston

SC Pod Leader: N/A

University of Michigan at Ann Arbor

University Of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

University of Texas Hlth Science Center

University of Kansas Medical Center

Univ of Arkansas for Med Scis

University of Cincinnati

SC Pod Leader: Jessica Kahn

Indiana Univ-Purdue Univ at Indianapolis

University of Minnesota

University of Wisconsin-Madison

University of Florida

University of Iowa

Mount Sinai School of Medicine

SC Pod Leader: Rosalind Wright

University of Illinois at Chicago

Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Rockefeller University

Northwestern University at Chicago

Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences

Virginia Commonwealth University

SC Pod Leader: N/A

New York University School of Medicine

Univ of Massachusetts Med Sch Worcester

University of Virginia

Georgetown-Howard Universities Center for Clinical and Translational Science

Yale University

Albert Einstein College of Medicine

SC Pod Leader: N/A

Harvard Medical School

Columbia University

Washington University

University of Rochester

University of Chicago

Case Western Reserve University

SC Pod Leader: N/A

University of Kentucky

University of Alabama at Birmingham

Boston University Medical Campus

UT Southwestern Medical Center

University of California at Davis

SC Pod Leader: Theodore Wun

University of New Mexico Health Scis Ctr

University of California, San Francisco

University of Colorado Denver

University of Utah

University of Washington

Mayo Clinic Rochester

SC Pod Leader: N/A

Tufts University Boston

Ohio State University

University of Southern California

Medical College of Wisconsin

University of California-Irvine

Pennsylvania State University

SC Pod Leader: Lawrence Sinoway

Weill Medical Coll of Cornell Univ

Johns Hopkins University

University of Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh

State University of New York at Buffalo

University of Pennsylvania

Emory University

SC Pod Leader: N/A

University of Miami School of Medicine

Univ of North Carolina Chapel Hill

Duke University

Medical University of South Carolina

Wake Forest University

University of California Los Angeles

SC Pod Leader: Arleen Brown


Scripps Research Institute

University of California, San Diego

Oregon Health & Science University


Coordination, Communication, and Operations Support (CCOS) is funded by theNational Center for Advancing Translational Sciences, National Institutes of Health.

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