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View the latest announcements from the CTSA Program, hubs, and the CCOS Center. Website users will soon be able to submit news and events for publication on the site via a form. In the interim, please submit any content you would like to see featured on the website or in the Ansible newsletter to communications@ccos.ctsa.io.

NCATS News and Media

News and Media

Release Version 1.8 of the new CCOS Website


CCOS is pleased to announce the next website release, featuring updates to the poster gallery for the Fall Annual Meeting found on the Program Meetings page. In addition, the release includes updates to the Working Group page, including five new working group pages and a Working Group Proposal Reviews section. This section will aid Steering Committee voting members in the proposal review process.

Subscribe to the CCOS Communications Mailing List


Are you missing out on important announcements about the CTSA Program? To stay up to date with consortium-wide updates and announcements, be sure to subscribe to the mailing list.

Release Version 1.7 of the new CCOS Website


The newest CCOS website release features the poster submission form for the Fall Meeting. Please note that only the Hub Administrator can submit a poster. The deadline to submit is Monday, October 23rd. For more details on poster submission and to access the submission form, visit the poster section on the Fall Meeting webpage. The release also includes the addition of two new group pages for the Evaluators and the QA/QC Consortium Groups. View these pages to learn more about each of the groups. 

Release Version 1.5 of the new CCOS Website


The next CCOS website release is now available and includes new features for registered users. Those with an account will be able to access the materials from past meetings (April – June 2023) and the agenda and meeting information for future meetings (July – November 2023). Users can access these features through the Calendar page under the Resources menu of the website. Without a registered account, website visitors can view the calendar but cannot access previous meeting materials or upcoming meeting information. 

Release Version 1.4 of the new CCOS Website


CCOS is pleased to announce the release of the User Registration process. Website users can now create an account using the Register button on the Home page of the website. Once logged in, CTSA program members will be able to access content available exclusively to those with an account, including the newly released Discussion Forum page under the CTSA Groups and Meetings menu. 

Check out the July issue of the Ansible!


The July issue of the CTSA Program Newsletter, the Ansible, is out now! Click here to read it or share the link with colleagues. If you have not subscribed to the newsletter yet, consider joining our mailing list.

Release Version 1.3 of the new CCOS Public Website


CCOS is pleased to announce the unveiling of the pages for the upcoming Fall Program Meeting. The meeting details, agenda, and registration page are now available under the “CTSA Groups and Meetings/Program Meetings” menu.

Release Version 1.2 of the new CCOS Public Website


In this third major content release, CCOS is pleased to announce the completion of all CCOS website pages. We released the last two major content areas on the CCOS public website: “Resources” and “Help.” The Resources section delivers a CTSA-wide calendar of events and group meetings, as well as a directory of all the active hubs in the CTSA program. We also added new content to the previously released “CTSA Groups and Meetings” and “News” sections. In parallel with this release, the CLIC website was taken offline and now redirects to this site.

Release Version 1.1 of the new CCOS Public Website


CCOS is pleased to announce the release of two new major content areas on the CCOS public website: “CTSA Groups and Meetings” and “News.” The CTSA Groups and Meetings section presents a complete list and detailed descriptions of all the CTSA Committees, Working Groups, and Consortium Groups. The News section includes recent Blog entries by Dr. Mike Kurilla as well as this Announcements page.

First Official Release of the new CCOS Public Website!


CCOS is pleased to announce the unveiling of the new CCOS public website, the official website of the CTSA’s CCOS Coordinating Center. Today, we released the Home page with program mission information and the links to the CCOS communication and social media platforms.

Coordination, Communication, and Operations Support (CCOS) is funded by theNational Center for Advancing Translational Sciences, National Institutes of Health.

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